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          没有要求 for students to have confirmed accommodation and applications will 不 be refused on the basis of a student having answered No to that question.


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          博意门的扩大将意味着从有资格的国民 Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the United States of America can use the automated eGates on arrival into the UK, free of charge. Nationals 从 these seven countries will also no longer need to complete a landing card on arrival.

          However, some people 从 these seven countries who are visiting the UK for 短期学习 (less than six months), specific reasons or certain types of work (such as 允许支付约定 或用 赞助的第5级的创意和运动证书) will need to see an officer on arrival to receive their passport stamp which ensures that they can do the activities they are coming to the UK to do.

          Please note you must 不 use the eGate if you are entering the UK as a student. You 必须 see a Border Force Officer on arrival to stamp and activate your visa.

          If you already have a student visa or a student biometric resident permit (BRP card) to allow you to study in the UK you can use the eGates on your return to the UK.


          For students in Glasgow the Nationality Office (who deal with 警方登记) are located at 2法国街头,dalmarnock. For GCU伦敦学生 and further in形成ation on what you need to do to register or update your certificate during this time, please see our page on 警方登记。您可以更新在任何一间警署证书。

          You are recommended to print out a copy of this email and take it with you to your initial registration appointment or any police station when updating your certificate.


          请注意,您 必须



          From 29th March 2019, the cost of most visa applications 从 both inside and outside the UK have remained unchanged.


          类别 之前费2019年3月29日 从费 3月29日 2019
          第4层  £348  £348
          层4依赖  £348  £348
          短期学习  £97  £97
          标准访客  £93 £95
          扩展访问学者 £186 £190
          扩展短期学习 £186 £186


          类别 之前费 3月29日 2019 从费 3月29日 2019
          第4层 £475 £475 +£19.20生物识别注册费
          层4依赖 £475 £475 +£19.20生物识别注册费

          优先应用,额外的费用 £500 超优先级的应用 £800 从 2019年3月29日 per applicant to be added onto the relevant fee above. Priority appointments for Biometric Enrolment at the UKVCAS can be booked at an additional fee of £100 per applicant.

          结核病测试 - 新的国家

          For more in形成ation on where to get tested for TB, and the overall application process 从 your country, see the UKVI's 国家取景器.


          该ukvi内部员工 指导

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          If you are intending to use your parents' banks statements as evidence of your maintenance, then please see an VISA adviser who can give you 指导 on this.


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          The UKVI has introduced a charge from 1st June 2017 for all email enquiries sent 从 outside the UK, charging £5.48 per enquiry.

          If you need to contact the UKVI after you have paid your deposit please contact the VISA Team visa@gcu.ac.uk 或GCU伦敦: tasho.rachev@gcu.ac.uk as they will contact the UKVI on your behalf, free of charge. We can obtain an answer quickly to your enquiry.

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